Revolutionizing Defense Robotics: Saving Lives on the Frontlines

ASAX Innovation is on a mission to transform defense robotics by manufacturing unmanned ground vehicles. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to transport injured soldiers from the frontline, keeping medical personnel safe.

Ensuring Safety and Efficiency in Critical Situations with ASAX Innovation’s Unmanned Vehicles

Safe evacuation

By the fall of 2023, the Ukrainian war had developed a situation where due to the activity of the Russian attack drones, Ukrainian units began to look for solutions to evacuate their wounded with the least possible risk for fighting soldiers and medical personnel.

Previously Ukrainian units had two main solutions for MEDEVAC and CASEVAC:

1. Some vehicle, sometimes an APC came close to the contact line and transported the wounded fighter some 5-10 km back to the safety. However, the enemy FPV drones are equally successful against armed and soft-skin vehicles. From the enemy’s point of view, this is a very cost-effective attack. Our conclusion said, that the transport for wounded should be smaller in size and less interesting as a target.

2. Often the wounded soldier is carried by fellow soldiers often even as far as 4-5 km. Again a carriyng party of 4-5 soldiers become a interesting target for the enemy. At the same time, those soldiers are taken out from the fighting force even if their transporting mission is a success. Our conclusion – the hottest phase of the MEDEVAC, the first 1-5 km should be automated so that the miinimum number of personel would be tasked to the mission.

Military training of Ukrainian combat medics. Their main task is to provide first aid to injured Ukrainian soldiers on the battlefield

An unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) is in theory the perfect solution to mitigete aforementiond problems.

ASAX Innovation’s unmanned vehicles provide a secure and efficient solution for transporting injured soldiers from the front line. With a remote-controlled interface, medical personnel can stay safe while ensuring timely medical assistance in critical situations.


50 – 100 km
range with one tanking
230 mm
300 kg
load capacity
12 km/h
max speed
5 km
max remote range
25 hp

Revolutionary Technology for Safe Transportation of Injured Soldiers

Our unmanned ground vehicles utilize advanced technology to ensure the safe transportation of injured soldiers from the front line.

One-Handler is a highly maneuverable ground vehicle designed to transport injured soldiers from the front line to safety. It features double controls, a small size, and has been developed in cooperation with actual fighting units to meet their specific needs.

Evacuation is often a manual labor

Minimize manual labor of carrying casualty on a stretcher by providing motorized solution closer to the front line.

Flexible command system

The majority of war wounds are caused by antipersonnel fragments from munitions such as mortars and bomblets.

Most of the wounded soldiers are still conscious and able to perform minimal actions, such as controlling the drone with one hand if needed.

Medical personnel is in direct danger

Controlling the UGV remotely allows medical personnel to keep a safe distance.

Experience the Future of Remote-Controlled Vehicles

The vehicle is equipped with skid steering which allows for high maneuverability and zero-radius turning, making it easy to handle in tight situations. Upgrading to continuous tracks provides better stability and movement in muddy terrain.

The platform can be operated through both on-board controls and a remote interface. This feature allows operators to remain safe while also allowing vehicles to accommodate more passengers when required. The on-board controls are user-friendly and can be operated with just one hand, making the system easy to navigate.

There are no electric actuators to control turning, braking, and acceleration. The internal combustion engine provides power for maneuverability and onboard systems. It is easily replaceable and maintainable.

Extendable by default

ASAX H-1 platform comes with numerous built-in features while allowing to add spicific extensions required by the fighting unit.
12 v power outlets
Manual controls
Tow hook
Night vision

Strong Partners in Ukraine and in Estonia

The Team

Our team boasts extensive connections with Ukrainian military units and firsthand information from Ukraine. Additionally, our well-established team of specialists in Estonia excels in innovation and problem-solving. This synergy and expertise have enabled us to listen and customize our product to meet the precise needs of frontline soldiers.

Marek Susi


Ilmar Raag


Mart Roht


Rivo Kooskora


Ahto Nääs

Head Engineer

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