ASAX Innovation’s first UGV H-1 was named after a forest caretaker, a wolf. HUNDU picks up everything that needs to be collected.

We tested HUNDU among Kuperjanov Battalion during the Estonian Defence Forces exercise KEVADTORM 2024.

Our soldiers found HUNDU immediately a suitable use: to distribute water and food that arrived from behind, as well as to transport “wounded” in the opposite direction. The first soldier who received quick on-site training was able to operate the machine by himself 30 seconds later. Amazing!

HUNDU climbed from a ditch onto the road and was able to drive on forest paths previously traversed by Unimogs. The furthest it had to travel without an operator was about 500 meters. It had to clear the way for Spanish tanks from a distance and remain intact. All of this worked out because HUNDU is equipped with a camera.

A clear combat pair emerged: one man controlling HUNDU and another providing security.

However, a problematic area were the tactical team’s actions in the “Ukrainian context”. During KEVADTORM, our men are not constantly attacked by Russian FPV drones. The troublesome 3D aspect is not heavily considered. As a result, our UGV operators did not have strong motivation to conceal their positions.

Nevertheless, we noted this problem in our internal learning assessment. The whole point of the effort is to save lives. We also found that we will continue to work on practical communication solutions and terrain mobility. All of this was already planned but now we actually saw how to make HUNDU better.

The next version of the machine will be tested in Ukraine.