ASAX Innovation has reached a cooperation agreement with an Ukrainian defense industry company SkyLab Defence Robotics. Skylab is a relatively young company founded in 2022 by Yevhenii Rvachov who has extensive business experience. This company is currently known in Ukraine for their small UGV Sirko-S1. Sirko is primarily used as a mining drone in areas where people do not want to go.

Initially, it was agreed that ASAX Innovation and SkyLab would jointly develop UGV radio control systems. However, the areas of our cooperation soon expanded. Today, ASAX Innovation also represents Sirko-S1 UGV in Europe and supports SkyLab with strategic supplies outside of Ukraine.

Our collaboration gained even more momentum when SkyLab received a large order of Sirko-S1s and the bomber drones Djura Mk6. To fulfill this order, SkyLab and ASAX have decided that part of the production will take place in Estonia. This development illustrates ASAX Innovation’s strategy towards portfolio diversification and greater flexibility.

Currently, we can say that we have three products, two of which have already proven themselves in Ukraine. Our Estonian-conceived ASAX H-1 will go into combat testing there next month.